A Configurable Risk Management Platform

Where Could You Use Help?

Where Could You Use Help?

  • Contracts and automated service review management?
  • Business associates and other vendor risk management?
  • Online vendor risk assessments?
  • Electronic forms, routing and compliant processing?
  • Online document management with secure permissions-based access?

Software at Your Service

MetaCat Risk Management is a Software-At-Your-Service platform that is robust, secure, adaptable, easy to use, and affordable!

MetaCat includes special processes for governance, regulation and compliance management that can be adapted for your specific needs.

Community Hospitals and Banks

MetaCat Risk Management includes specialized tools and processes just for community hospitals and banks to help with policy and regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA for hospitals, and FDIC, Federal Reserve, and OCC for banks and credit unions).


Monitor Risk Status

Dashboard reporting provides consolidated data views and key reports.

Manage Data Securely

Role-based permissions ensure appropriate data access, including anytime data export.

Work Smarter

Smart processes and guides help with regulatory compliance and help ensure task completion.

Stay Organized

Shared calendars and email reminders keep you on track. Your data and documents are stored in one place.

Custom Forms and Records

Manage vendors, contracts, service reviews, strategic plans, policies, audits, issues, training, and more!

Custom Workflow Processes

Custom workflow processes can be created or modified from a variety of templates to suit your business needs.


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    "We are really excited with the capabilities and know it will save time and ensure proper service reviews. I think the system is very user-friendly and adaptable to our needs!"

    - Debra Stevens, Contract and Credentialing Analyst,
    Community Hospital, McCook, NE

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    HIPAA-Compliant Hosting

    MetaLogic provides HIPAA-compliant hosting services and follows industry-standard security practices. Your data is stored in a private cloud in the U.S.A.

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    Secure Documents

    Role-based security and fine-grained permissions ensure secure record and document access across your organization.

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    Contact us for a quote. Annual subscription pricing starts at $2000 for 5 users. Pricing is based on selected modules and support plans.